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Add a Circle

Select a photo to put a circle on

Upload a file or drag and drop

...or try it with a cat:

Add a circle on top of an image

Need to slap a circle on a photo really quick? Just scroll back up and pick your photo.

This tool is easy to use because it only lets you do one thing: put an ellipse on an image.

Circle, oval, or ellipse?

Technically, this tool only lets you create an ellipse. A circle is a special kind of ellipse, so you can make circles with this tool as well.

The term "oval" is more general, and includes shapes like that of an egg. You cannot make an egg shape with this tool.

What can I do with this?

Use this tool to:

  • Draw a circle or an ellipse
  • Censor part of an image
  • Put a red oval on a photo
  • Circle someones face
  • Provide feedback on a mockup or image

Multiple Effects

After you add a circle you can resize, add arrows, or add rectangles in a variety of colors. For a full list of all available tools, see the tools page.

When You're Done

When you finish you can download as either a JPG or a PNG.