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Add Text

Select a photo to put text on

Upload a file or drag and drop

...or try it with a cat:

Add text to an image

This tool only does one thing: add text on photos. That's what makes it so easy to use.

So scroll up and pick a photo. Then type in your text. Then pick a font, border, or different color if you want. Move the text around. Rotate it if you want. Then you're done. Download it or whatever.

What can I do with this?

Use this tool to:

  • Mark up an image with notes
  • Explain part of an image
  • Put a caption on a photo
  • Add a backdrop to your poetry

Multiple Text Entries

After you add text you can do it again. Or you can add arrows, rectangles or circles. For a full list of all available tools, see the tools page.

Supported Platforms

This online text tool works in most recent browsers, just give it a try! Supports iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows, with no app download required.

When You're Done

When you finish you can download as either a JPG or a PNG.