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How can I resize a photo?

This is a tool for resizing photos. If you just want to get started, scroll back to the top of the screen. Otherwise, read on to learn more than you ever wanted to know about resizing images.

Image Size / Resolution

Every digital photo/image has a certain size: a width and a height. This width and height is in pixels and is also referred to as "resolution". Resizing a photo means changing this size. You can make an image either bigger or smaller.

Going Smaller

If you make an image smaller it will still be crisp and clear, but it will show up smaller on your screen. It will also have a lower resolution and transmit more quickly over the internet.

Going Bigger

You can make your image larger with this tool, but it will become blurry. Why? Well, making an image larger means adding more pixels. The resize tool doesn't know what color to make those pixels, so it fills them in with a color similar to the color of nearby pixels. This looks blurry.

Aspect Ratio

The "aspect ratio" is the ratio between the width and height of your image. This tool will maintain a constant aspect ratio while resizing your images. For example, if your input image is 400x300 and you scale it down by 50%, your output image will be 200x150. Both images have a 4:3 aspect ratio.

To Start

To start resizing, just scroll up to the top of this page and pick a photo. After you pick a photo you will drag a slider to choose how much you want to resize it.

After You're Done

When you finish resizing, you can either keep working on your photo with a different tool or download it